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There are quite a few places to buy propane in the Midlands.  For most of them, propane is just something else they have for sale.  Once they get to you, the person filling your tank is usually whatever employee is available to help you and you get what you get.  At Southern Flame Propane, propane is what we do and every one of us is trained and individually licensed for dispensing propane.  Your safety is our highest priority and we consider poorly trained shortcuts to be unacceptable. We will properly refill any compliant and safe propane tank that is within our abilities.  You will be charged a fair rate for only the gas that you received and we will be glad to help you load and unload your propane tanks.

Pickled Products, Jellies, Jams and Sauces


We stock a range of propane tanks to meet your needs. Of course, we have plenty of 20# grill tanks, but we also stock 30#, 40#, and 100# propane tanks. We also have 33.5# aluminum forklift tanks for businesses that need an extra one or more. If you are unsure about your tank, we can help. We are now set up to do visual inspections to recertify your outdated DOT-approved tanks to ensure safety and compliance. If it is necessary, we offer valve replacement for most tanks and free disposal of any tanks. For forklift tanks, we can repair or replace any or all of the valves and gauges.